I'm Danni McGrath. I'm from Perth, Australia and I make prints and other things.

Here are some pictures of things I've made:

Here is a radio show I make intermittently:

If you want to contact me you can email danni.mcgrath@gmail.com


~ August 2016 ~

I’ll update my website at some point, lol. In the meantime you can see me do things occasionally on IG: @d_e_mc or send me an email at danni.mcgrath@gmail.com

~ October 2015 ~

Coming up
I’m speaking at Pure Potential: Translation, Process and Artists Books and showing some of my work in the accompanying exhibition Artists Books and Zines Saved My Life at Spectrum Project Space, Edith Cowan University

Recent events
State Team WA at Volume Art Book Fair
Cactus Journal Issue 1 was launched

~ September 2014 ~

Got some work in the current round of the Grand Lane Light Locker Art Space. Something something Wu-Tang, business, distribution, contemporary music and art.

~ August 2014 ~

I've been making some prints for High Visibility, an ephemeral public art project, curated by Melissa McGrath (that's my sister! Keeping it in the family). It's been really fun and there are some pictures of the prints I made here.

~ July 2014 ~

DM ARI is an artist run initiative in the window space of Ryan Renshaw Gallery in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. My work, Six Thousand Business Cards For Artists Who Will Almost Certainly Do Fine Without Them, is on show this month, til mid July 2014. If you're around that part of the world you should totally check it out. If you're there when Ryan Renshaw Gallery is open you can go in and take some of the business cards. But you can also go when they're not open because there's a light in the window so you can see it at all times.

~ May 2014 ~

Hatched is a show that the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art puts on every year which features artists who've just graduated from art school from around Australia and are making good work. I'm in it this year. I know, what?
There's details on facebook here and on the PICA website here.